Building & Deploying Resilient Products: How Feature Flags and Observability Can Help Teams Ship Faster & Safer

When shipping new features, do you optimize for speed or quality? What if you could have more of both? In this presentation, Emily will describe how the use of feature flags, observability, and the principles of code ownership come together to help Honeycomb engineers ship quickly and safely. Adopting these tools can help engineers more rapidly iterate on new features, reduce deployment risk, and quickly resolve incidents, all while keeping customers happy. When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to incorporate feature flags into your new feature release process
  • Understand how observability can help your engineers ship new features quickly and safely
  • Learn about the principles of code ownership and how to adopt them on your team
  • Find out how these three components will help your team increase safety, speed, and user happiness


Emily manages the engineering & design teams at In the past, she's worked on javascript, performance and monitoring at other developer tools companies like Bugsnag & GitHub. In her free time, she organizes an unconference called AndConf, makes many checklists, and likes to talk about disaster preparedness.

Emily Nakashima

Director of


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