Direct Experience Delivery (DXD): A Revolution in How Brands Experiment

A must-see for any brand, manufacturer or retailer wrestling with the “one to many” relationship between brands, customers and marketplaces. Jeriad’s keynote reimagines experience optimization from the vantage of the brand, trying to improve the customer discovery and shopping experience against the realities of fragmented content, merchandise and retail experiences. The work that Accenture and Optimizely are doing together answers the simple but daring question, “What if brands experimented beyond the D2C channel, across the entire digital marketplace?”

Traditionally, digital experimentation occurs by companies on the assets and platforms they own and control, such as their official websites, apps and email. However, for many brands, the majority of their customers' research and shopping experiences happen off of the official platforms, in a fragmented marketplace wherein content, products and experiences vary widely. Further, traditionally brands struggle to learn, much less test and learn, to harness the power of experimentation in the broader marketplace, wherein suppliers are disintermediated from customer experience design and insights.

Building on the innovations made possible by CPGs who supply their retailers direction (DSD) and the openness of some modern, digital marketplaces, Jeriad Zoghby reimagines how brands can take back their customer experiences through a process of continuous experimentation.

Jeriad Zoghby is Accenture Interactive's global lead for Digital Marketplace Services. The rapid growth of digital marketplaces, such as Amazon, Instagram, click & collect models, and food delivery ecosystems are changing the way consumers buy and consume products & services. Our unique services enable companies to orchestrate their brand experience across marketplaces, including their own ecommerce sites, as well as optimize their sales performance within them. He is also the North America lead for the Retail, CPG, Travel, Auto, Life Sciences, and Industrial verticals.

Jeriad has a PhD in Operations Research, holds multiple patents and co-invented Accenture’s artificial intelligence technology for advanced audience planning and segmentation. Jeriad and his team also developed the next-generation personalization solution called the Accenture Genome that enables brands to develop experiences that treat them as individuals instead of personas.

He has been recognized as an Advertising Age’s Marketing Technology Top 25 Trailblazer and has been published and quoted in publications such as Ad Week, Ad Age,, The Drum, and MediaPost.

Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director and Global Lead of Digital Marketplace Services Accenture Interactive