Experimentation Master Class: Improve Your Maturity through Team, Culture, Strategy

Price: $900

To achieve higher conversions and superior digital experiences, you need to do more than design great experiments. In this full-day training, you’ll learn how to uplevel your experimentation program and create a broader culture of experimentation. From analytic techniques to user psychology to taking action on statistics, learn how to master the art and science of experimentation.

You will learn how to:

  • Benchmark your experimentation program against others at each level of maturity
  • Uplevel your experiment ideation by leveraging user psychology principles to analyze your users’ biggest pain points
  • Craft better hypotheses by understanding what questions to ask of your data
  • Drive deeper insights by learning best practices for results segmentation and the statistical challenges to be aware of
  • Remove ambiguity from the results analysis process by creating a stopping rule
  • Move beyond front-end experimentation and learn how optimizing server-side business logic can benefit your user experience
  • Organize your program to maximize knowledge sharing and building a culture of experimentation
  • Optimize your toolset to facilitate collaboration among your team
  • Set goals for your program to move yourself to the next level of experimentation maturity

This course is best suited for:

  • Experimentation program managers that have 6+ months of experience and want to take their skills to the next level
  • Experimentation programs that are rated level 2-3 in Optimizely’s maturity model and want tangible actions to improve their maturity

Shagun built her career in the retail industry with a focus on digital marketing, and eventually found her career passion in Experimentation, building and leading programs at and Charlotte Russe. Today at Optimizely she works with enterprise customers to establish a vision and plan for building experimentation programs, ensuring no organization tests for the sake of testing, but ultimately drives value and impact thru their testing initiatives.

Shagun Aulakh

Senior Strategy ConsultantOptimizely


Amish is focused on enabling organizations with the technical and strategic skills needed to successfully grow their optimization program. During his career in the Digital Experience Optimization space, he has guided some of the world's most digitally innovative organizations, such as: Microsoft, Disney and Cisco.

Amish Patel

Senior Training ConsultantOptimizely