Process and Strategy

Metrics that Matter: Measure Experiment Impact with Optimizely's Data Platform

Join Optimizely’s Co-founder Pete Koomen for an in-depth discussion about new product developments for measuring the impact of your experiments on the metrics that matter most to your business.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How Optimizely measures the impact that experiments have on your business
  • New tools that Optimizely is developing for data scientists and analysts to perform custom and advanced analysis
  • How your team can get more accurate experiment results faster with Optimizely's data platform

As co-founder and CTO, Pete Koomen guides the technology vision behind Optimizely’s Experimentation Platform, ensuring businesses have access to the tools they need to test their assumptions and respond quickly to ever-changing market dynamics and customer expectations. Pete co-founded Optimizely with Dan Siroker in 2009 after spending three years as a product manager at Google, working on the Google App Engine and other projects.

Pete Koomen