Operationalizing Full Stack and App Experimentation for Product Managers

Price: $500

Eager to experiment within your app, but unsure how to optimally align experimentation with your product development cycle? Many product organizations face the challenge of incorporating experimentation into agile release planning. This track will help you to build a process to democratize experimentation across your product team and build process.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities for testing earlier within your product development process
  • Leverage painted door tests and MVP’s to explore a product idea before committing resources to a full build
  • Shorten the feedback loop between design, development, product launch, and iteration, by experimenting within every release
  • Mitigate risk of product launches by developing a rollout strategy leveraging feature targeting and flags
  • Incorporate Feature Variables to enable future experimentation in your app without requiring code pushes
  • Measure the impact of features to quantify value for your business

This course is best suited for:

  • Users of Optimizely Full Stack, Mobile, and/or OTT
  • Product Managers who own experimentation roadmaps

Jocelyn has 8 years of experimentation experience as a practitioner, building home grown tools, processes and enablement for teams at Orbitz Worldwide and 15+ years in digital product management/strategy. She is passionate about growth strategy through digital optimization and experimentation.

Jocelyn Czerwinski

Senior Strategy ConsultantOptimizely


Brad helps leading organizations use data with purpose to drive quantifiable business impact. As an experimentation strategist, he facilitates the transformation of mindsets, drives the cultural shift for product teams, and encourages the replacement of digital guesswork with evidence-based optimization.

Brad Yee

Senior Strategy ConsultantOptimizely