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Program Management 101: Best Practices from Optimizely-on-Optimizely

What does it take to run a best-in-class experimentation program? What sets these programs apart isn’t some kind of magic formula; instead, they invested in making experimentation a core practice across the business with a dedicated team in place, best-in-class technology and a practice of evangelizing their impact on the business.

Learn from Optimizely’s own Experimentation Program Manager, Becca Bruggman, and the Product Manager of Optimizely Program Management, Kris McKee, on exactly how they took our own internal Product experimentation program from ad-hoc to a robust Center of Excellence. They will take you through the lifecycle of an idea: from concept, to experiment, results, and then ultimately iterating to the next experiment — all in just 30 minutes!

Attend this session to learn the tools, tactics, and people required to:

  • Collaborate across your firm to democratize experimentation ideation
  • Prioritize the ideas that are likely to have the most impact
  • Evangelize experimentation and share learnings across teams and verticals
  • Set program goals and measure your progress
  • Best practices to run both effective Marketing and Product programs
  • Learn how Optimizely Program Management can help you manage and measure your program

Becca leads large, cross-functional programs at Optimizely, including managing Optimizely's Optimization Program within the Product and Marketing organizations. She enjoys exploring, fashion, cute dogs and laughing loudly.

Becca Bruggman

Staff Technical Program ManagerOptimizely


Kris is a Senior Product Manager at Optimizely, leading product development for Optimizely’s Program Management product and managing overall enterprise experience. In her spare time, you'll likely find Kris day dreaming in a local art gallery or playing with the nearest dog.

Kris McKee

Senior Product ManagerOptimizely


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