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Safer, Faster, Better: Implementing Optimizely the Right Way

To survive in today’s competitive market, it’s imperative that you drive high-velocity experimentation and maximize site performance. In this talk, Optimizely will be joined by performance experts from Cloudflare to share how to make client-side experimentation blazing fast.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for implementing Optimizely Web including configuring your CDN for optimal performance
  • How to have an informed conversation with your performance engineering team when it comes to Optimizely
  • The latest performance enhancements to the Optimizely platform

Whelan is a Senior Product Manager at Optimizely focused on website AB testing, personalization and analytics.

Whelan Boyd

Senior Product ManagerOptimizely


Rita Kozlov is Cloudflare’s Product Manager of Workers, a serverless platform which allows developers to deploy JavaScript at the edge of Cloudflare’s global network of 175+ data centers. In this role, she is helping shape the developer experience by enabling developers to build applications on fully serverless architecture. Prior to her role as a product manager, Rita was a Principal Solutions Engineer for Cloudflare, where she was focused on helping the company’s enterprise customers protect their web properties from DDoS and application level attacks, as well as, improve their reliability and performance by deploying edge solutions including WAF, Load Balancing, and CDN.

Rita Kozlov

Product Manager, Cloudflare WorkersCloudflare