There’s no experience without experimentation

Episerver to acquire Optimizely to transform digital experience creation and optimization.


Today’s digital experience leaders don’t just rely on instincts, but insights. They experiment, adapt, and meet the ever-growing needs of people, by predicting those needs in the first place. They let the actions of customers decide what’s working, not the opinions of execs. The result is experiences that are as personalized as the people they serve. ​

Customers are at the core of every experience and creating relevant content for them requires experimentation. But too often testing tests our patience. Instead of being part of the creative process, it’s seen as its own separate process. What digital teams need is a smart solution that helps them understand the impact of their actions on the customer journey so they can act more intentionally. A way to continually create and optimize relevant experiences that drive outsized business outcomes again and again.​

Every business should be able to experiment like the best in the business. ​

And now they can.

Acquisition announcement

The breakthrough combination of Episerver and Optimizely transforms digital experience creation and optimization enabling digital teams to replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes.

Episerver CEO commentary

“Today is an incredibly exciting day in our company’s history. Our shared mission to empower growing companies to compete digitally, makes me thrilled to welcome the Optimizely team to Episerver, as we prove there are no extraordinary experiences without experimentation.”

Layouts and logic

Together, Episerver and Optimizely allow digital teams to control every aspect of the digital experience, from layouts to logic.

By optimizing the entire experience, and across multiple touchpoints, digital teams will drive outsized results.


The combined capabilities create a smart system for outcome-based digital experiences.

Digital teams are now able to build experiences that get smarter the more customers use them.

Outsized results

Customers will be able to run better experiences, get real-time answers and measure the outcomes of every option.

Together, we will inspire innovation, increase agility and improve outcomes.