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Even in today’s unprecedented business environment. How do they do this? By putting the customer at the heart of everything they do. From product development to their marketing campaigns to customer support and everything in between. All companies are faced with the reality today that being customer-obsessed is no longer something to aspire to. It is, quite simply, the only way to survive. Today, leading companies are determined to insert customer feedback based on observed behavior not just into a few customer touchpoints, but across the entire customer journey.

The Industry’s Experimentation Leader 

Our business was founded more than a decade ago on the idea of being customer-obsessed, and providing our customers with trustworthy data about their customers that they could use to make better decisions. We not only created the experimentation market, we’ve dominated it with more than 2 million experiments run on the world’s most innovative platform. Our phenomenal team has cultivated a culture of experimentation at more than a quarter of the Fortune 100 and 40 percent of the Interbrand 50. We’ve seeded experimentation programs with marketing teams, product teams, engineering teams, customer support, and growth teams, as well as with C-Suite executives. We deeply believe in understanding your customer with data and applying that insight throughout your business. Not just once a quarter or after a product ships, but constantly every day, for every decision. 

We’ve heard from our customers that Optimizely is an essential tool in their tech stacks during this unprecedented time in business. Why is this? Because there is no experience without experimentation. We remove the guesswork from operating in the digital economy by enabling them to experiment, analyze, and move faster to adapt to their customers’ changing needs. But we want to go further for our customers and engrain experimentation even deeper into their business processes and across their teams. That’s why, today, we intend to join forces with Episerver to innovate within the $20B Digital Experience Platform market. We are confident our combined products will lead the segment and drive growth for our customers who depend on these technologies to operate their digital businesses.

Episerver and Optimizely = A Digital Business Powerhouse

Optimizely and Episerver’s intended acquisition is truly a win-win for our team, customers, and partners. Episerver’s platform combines best-in-class content management and content intelligence with robust commerce tools that enable organizations to develop greater customer lifetime value, grow brand affinity, and increase revenue. Combined with our industry-leading platform, including client-side and server-side experimentation, our joint strategy brings more experimentation to more places to drive better outcomes and reimagine how brands optimize and personalize experiences across the entire customer journey. As one team, we can now deliver on our shared goal: Helping our customers win in a digital-first world. 


The Journey Together Starts with Our Customers

Episerver CEO Alex Atzberger shared his excitement for the proposed joining of our two powerful brands, and I couldn’t agree more: “Together Episerver and Optimizely can empower you to differentiate your digital experiences. By collecting massive amounts of data from experiments, consumed content, customer data, and commerce interactions, you can constantly hone the algorithms that drive recommendations. In fact, Episerver and Optimizely bring together the most advanced capabilities to create the ultimate system of differentiation to compete and win in today’s digital-first economy.”

Our teams are laser-focused on serving our customers and passionate about the increasing role experimentation plays enabling companies to compete and win in the digital economy. We believe integrating creation and content with experimentation and optimization is a breakthrough, and that our combined technologies will make us incredibly hard to beat. Our customers will be amazed by how our combined platform can further fuel their success. Everyone at Optimizely and Episerver is excited to continue this planned journey together, to put the customer and customer data at the center of all that we do, and to help our customers win in today’s digital economy.

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