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With Program Management, customers will be able to:

  • Collaborate more effectively with an integrated hub for capturing ideas, prioritizing projects, and managing experiments across your teams
  • Track overall program experimentation performance across the entire organization

When we founded Optimizely seven years ago, our vision was to democratize experimentation and to make it easier and more accessible to businesses everywhere. Since then, we’ve continued to build on this vision adding new products and services that help our customers experiment across more teams and deeper in their tech stack.

At Opticon last year, we brought these offerings together with the introduction of Optimizely X, the world’s first experimentation platform. And the response from our customers has been amazing. Our customers, including companies such as ABC, Atlassian, eBay, FOX, IBM, Microsoft, and The New York Times have used our platform to begin to build true cultures of experimentation where every experience, product, or promotion is experimented on to ensure the best possible customer experiences and to drive the most value for their businesses.

As our enterprise customers scale their experimentation programs across more teams and more touch points, they often run into new challenges around ideation, coordination, oversight, and reporting that come with running an experimentation program at scale. We’ve worked with our customers to understand these challenges and today we are excited to announce Optimizely Program Management, a new suite of solutions that will help our customers manage their experimentation programs throughout the entire lifecycle.

These new capabilities are the result of our acquisition of Experiment Engine earlier this year, with the technology and features now fully integrated into the Optimizely X platform. Optimizely Program Management is currently in beta with a small number of customers, but will be coming soon in more general availability.

Optimizely Program Management was designed with enterprises in mind and specifically those enterprises who want to scale their programs across their entire organizations. Program Management will help make Optimizely X even more powerful for these organizations with new solutions for Teams and Program Reporting:


Collaborate more effectively with an integrated hub for capturing ideas, prioritizing projects, and managing experiments across your organization

  • Democratize ideation and define systems for prioritization
  • Make the experimentation process more accessible and transparent with new tools for knowledge sharing
  • Manage the process of creating an experiment from hypothesis creation through implementation

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Program Reporting

Gain powerful insights into the performance of your experimentation program across projects and teams.

  • Track the velocity of your experimentation program as a whole
  • Improve oversight and governance across projects and teams
  • Uncover new insights and iterate on your best ideas

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Optimizely Program Management is currently in beta and we’ve started testing with a handful of our enterprise customers. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from during the beta period, such as:

“At HP, we are building an experimentation program with the goal of increasing our pace of innovation and putting customer data at the heart of every decision we make. As we scale Optimizely to more teams in our organization, we see the need for more coordination and oversight. We are excited about these new Program Management capabilities as they will help us collaborate and track the performance our efforts more effectively across our entire experimentation program.”

Herriot Stobo, Director of Omnichannel Innovation & Solutions at HP

We’ll be continuing to gather feedback and iterating based on customer feedback on these solutions during the beta period.

Lastly, I want to give heartfelt thanks to Claire Vo, Experiment Engine’s CEO, and her entire team, for joining forces with us to deliver Optimizely Program Management.

We will be showcasing Optimizely Program Management at Opticon. You can view the live stream or the recording from our keynote at