After completing extensive branding work, developing a completely new website was the logical next step for automation company Piab. The existing website was hampered by a growing complexity that impaired the user experience and failed to convey the new Piab brand identity.

Piab needed a website capable of supporting its growth journey and presenting its products and services in the best possible way. To make the website attractive to all target groups—from existing customers to new visitors and job seekers—it needed to be well-structured, easy to navigate and data-driven. It should contain “calls to action” and enable conversions, as well as integration with social media.

In collaboration with Optimizely’s partner Consid, Piab launched a comprehensive project to build its new digital presence. One stipulation from Piab was that the new website should offer lead-generating opportunities. This is supported by chat functionality, login, download options, contact forms and other “calls to action”.

The solution

Optimizely’s content platform is the hub of the new website, along with InRiver for managing product information. The search function is based on Elastic Framework. The website is also integrated with the Piab Marketing Automation platform (Pardot) for seamless transfer of all leads and contacts generated on the website. There are also additional integrations with underlying systems, including business systems and ecommerce.

The information pages were redesigned with a completely new interface, and the content assets have been repackaged in a new concept on the new website. In the first phase, the ecommerce functionality remained on the old website, while the entire product range with their associated information was presented on both the old and the new website.

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The Piab brand was front and center in the development project. New functionality was added to UX templates, with the Piab brand identity underpinning the design. The new website stands out in the industry, and the goals for improved experience and user-friendliness have been met.

The central functions of the website are built around the Piab portfolio, with different types of products and configurable services. Examples of new functionality that makes things easier for the user include CAD center, “Help me choose”, and an interactive map where visitors can easily search among the Piab offices and merchandisers.

The result

The new Piab website was first launched as a public beta, which is usually recommended in projects with large, complex websites with a lot of logic and dependencies. This made it possible to get more of the Piab stakeholders onboard—customers, partners and employees.

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As a second step, Piab is planning to remodel its merchandiser portal My Piab, in line with the new-look website. Ecommerce will also be transferred to the same environment as the new website.

We have a hypermodern website built on Optimizely and InRiver. We’re now well prepared and adaptable ahead of Piab’s future growth.

Anette Lantz
Digital Experience Manager, Piab

About Piab

Piab is a Swedish company that has been evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting and moving solutions since 1951. The company believes in an automated world where no resources are wasted and no people are injured. With annual sales of around 1.5 BSEK, 650 employees and a global presence in more than 100 countries, Piab helps customers improve their business. Since 2018, Piab has been owned by Patricia Industries, part of Investor AB.

Company size: 650

Industry: Industrial Automation / Manufacturing

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