Optimized experiences, powered by data

Create and deliver the best digital experience for each customer across devices

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Deliver high-performing customer experiences with Optimizely’s Experience Optimization Platform


Use data to understand your customers and quickly make decisions

Easy-to-use and robust A/B, multivariate, and multi-page testing empowers you to improve engagement and increase revenue.

From idea to execution, testing enables you and your team to validate hypotheses and quantify the impact of those changes.

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Act on your understanding of customers to deliver targeted, relevant experiences

Create personalized experiences based on visitor behavior, so you can give your customers the relevant digital experiences they expect.

Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value without needing an army of analysts or engineers.

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Developer Tools

Powerful insights to grow your business

Results at a glance

Take action on your data quickly and reliably, with real-time lift measurement presented in dashboards and customizable reports.

Make decisions with confidence

Arrive at results you can trust thanks to Optimizely’s industry-leading Stats Engine, which calculates always-valid results from A/B tests and personalization campaigns.

Your data, where and when you need it

Integrations with leading digital analytics providers give you the flexibility to evaluate testing and personalization results the way that works best for your business.

Build and discover your optimal audiences

Comprehensive targeting capabilities

Hone in on understanding specific visitor segments with robust targeting by geography, URL, browser, device, behavior, and third-party integrations, or use your existing lists.

Build your audiences, or let us recommend them

Optimizely makes it simple to combine the data that matters to your business to target the optimal audiences and can recommend audiences for targeted campaigns.

Create a single view of your customer

Power tailored experiences

Dynamic Customer Profiles combine Optimizely behavioral data with first and third-party customer data to create a single, actionable view of your customers.

Integrate disparate data signals

Build a customer profile with data from sources like a customer relationship management platform (CRM), email service provider, data warehouse, analytics, purchase history data, a data management platform, and more.

Extend the power of Optimizely

Flexible optimization options

With included APIs and developer tools, your technical team can dream and build custom experiments, no matter how complex.

Your systems, powered by Optimizely

Integrate testing and optimization into your content management, reporting, and analysis platforms to deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

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Optimizely powers experiences for the world’s leading brands

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Key capabilities for teams to work at scale

Build an optimization program that improves every experience

Unparalleled usability

Robust campaign management

Multi-domain support

Third party data import and export

Enterprise grade security

Real-time behavioral targeting

Dashboards and reporting

Extensive Solution Partner ecosystem

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