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Content management 101

What is content lifecycle management?

Content lifecycle management is the practice of managing content from it's planning, authoring, promotion, assessing and maintaining. Everything has a lifecycle: plants, animals, computers, and, yes, people. With 70% of businesses leveraging content marketing, understanding the lifecycle of your content is crucial to your company’s workflow and success.

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What is a content marketing platform?

Marketers use a content marketing platform (CMP) to centralize content planning, creation, optimization and delivery workflows. A CMP gives organizations the ability to collaborate around types of content, distribute digital assets to customers and streamline the entire content creation and delivery lifecycle for improved engagement. 

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What is a content hub?

A content hub is a curated collection of branded content on a specific topic or subject. It houses articles, videos, infographics, and other forms of content that let users take a deep dive into a specific area in which the brand is an authority or expert. When done correctly, they're a powerful way to establish your brand's authority, grow its presence, and increase your overall sales or conversion rate.

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