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Personalization 101

What is personalization? 

Personalization is the practice of showing content, products or other digital touchpoints to a specific set of users or a single user with the goal of increasing relevance. The rules that determine what experience a user gets are often collected beforehand and then used to show the user more relevant content as they continue to engage with your brand.

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What is app personalization?

App personalization is the process of building a mobile app to meet the needs of specific audiences. Similar to other forms of personalization, app personalization aims to present user experiences that are customized to their specific needs rather than a broad, one size fit alls experience for all users.

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What is website personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for visitors to a website. Rather than providing a single, broad experience, website personalization allows companies to present visitors with unique experiences tailored to their needs and desires.

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