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Behind every unique data set, is a human being. When you unlock data's potential, you uncover more humanized digital experiences.​ Each time users return to your site, what they see should evolve with their unique tastes and behaviors. We personalize experiences with insights on not only where your customers are coming from, but what they are likely to do next. See how getting personal helps our customers customize every interaction.

What is personalization

We believe all experiences are personal.

No matter what your larger brand strategy is, your customer only cares about their own experience. Every time someone interacts with your brand, they’re submitting to a retelling of your story, history and vision. At Optimizely, we believe that the only winning digital strategy is a personal one. You’re not speaking to an anonymous group of people, you’re speaking to every individual customer. We allow you to track behaviors and use data to identify your audiences. Armed with knowledge, you can then craft messages and deliver them with confidence to the right person, at the right time—every time.