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Unveiling the Q1 roadmap for Configured and Customized Commerce. Get the first look at how we're helping organizations create better buying experiences.

Build better experiences that drive adoption

Optimizely's Configured Commerce is a solution built intentionally for companies looking for robust, out-of-box commerce solutions to drive easy customer self-service. Using these features, you can drive sales efficiency, increase revenue, and create a buying experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Optimizely's Customized Commerce is a solution built for companies who want to create more bespoke commerce and content experiences with their development team using Optimizely as a commerce platform to improve personalization and drive conversion rates.

Upcoming Feature Releases

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Make sure shelves never run empty. Ensure your customers have the right amount of inventory in stock and improve customer retention with a VMI process that eliminates costly and monotonous order management tasks.  

Optimizely Vendor Managed Inventory offers web, mobile, and analytics solutions to provide efficient customer fulfillment while remaining data-driven and accurate on continued purchasing 

Featured Capabilities:  

  • Configurable VMI Locations to assign product assortment with min/max, and bin number 

  • Mobile Replenishment with automatic order suggestions 

  • Detailed reporting to track slow or fast-moving product 

  • Simple user account setup and permissions

Commerce illustration

Product Recommendations Extensibility

You can now integrate 3rd party product recommendation logic into your ecommerce website to ensure a highly personalized shopping experience. At the same time, use Optimizely’s Machine Learning capabilities to automatically serve relevant recommendations based on user behavior to peak user interest and increase spend and cross-sell. 

By leveraging Product Recommendations, you tell your users, “We understand and can help!”

  • Personalized real-time suggested selling
  • Pre-configured drag and drop widgets for ease of use
  • Advantage of all order history – offline too
Shop selling screws illustration

We’ve made key improvements to ‘out of the box’ search capabilities by upgrading Elasticsearch to recognize numerical product values making it easier to locate products based on size and application. 

In addition, searches using multiple words like “water fountain,” will return multiple word results based on similar names and product titles. 

Featured Capabilities:

  • Instantly recognizes numerical product value for decimal or fraction 

  • Synonym recognition and more accurate multi-word results 

  • Faster search results 

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One-Page Checkout

Make online purchasing a breeze. Optimizely is bringing more seamless checkout capabilities to our Configured Commerce Product with One-Page Checkout. 
By implementing One-Page Checkout, you decrease cart abandonment and deliver every relevant order details concisely on a single page to improve checkout speed and increase customer satisfaction. 
Featured capabilities:

  • Cart contents, payment details, billing and shipping addresses, and shipping options all in one place 

  • Efficient customer checkout with clear insight into payment and shipping details 

  • Increased awareness of payment options to drive conversion rates

Shopping cart screenshot

Email Order Approval

Instantly approve field orders via triggered email notifications.

Save time,
eliminate confusion, and improve sales efficiency by approving field orders directly from email rather than spending time monitoring the webstore for inbound orders.

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Commerce Q1 '23 roadmap


CONFIG ElasticSearch upgrade
CONFIG Prod Recs - extensibility
CONFIG VMI (Web)(Beta)
CONFIG Spire full width/site constraints
CONFIG Enhanced "View only" with rules
PIM Convert external assets to hosted assets
MOBILE VMI (Beta release)
MISSION CONTROL Classic to Spire DevOps automation
B2B INTGR. Open Connectors (GitHub)
CUSTOM Improve extensibility
CUSTOM Improve import/export notifications


CONFIG One page checkout
CONFIG Order approval via email
CONFIG Console translations (fr/es/de/nl/sv)
CONFIG Classic to Spire content utility
PIM Simplified imports
PIM Configured Commerce integration rewrite
MOBILE Products API v2
MISSION CONTROL Datadog observability
MISSION CONTROL Gainsight integration
B2B TECH .Support .NET7
B2B INTGR. AD connector enhancements
CUSTOM Improved parity between v14 & v13
CUSTOM Support .NET7


CONFIG Payment service
CONFIG Pagination SEO improvements
CONFIG Show/hide pricing/inventory toggle
CONFIG Auto-generate list for recently purchased products
CONFIG Allow default variant at product level
ANALYTICS New dashboard: Customer activation
PIM DAM usability
MOBILE Order approval
MISSION CONTROL Deployments orchestration
MISSION CONTROL Customer/user beta access
B2B TECH External extensions
CUSTOM Segments from ODP

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