Plan easily. Create collaboratively. Publish seamlessly. 

Introducing: the Q1 roadmap for Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP). We’re hard at work bringing enhancements to the CMP that will help teams to better plan and create exceptional content and campaigns.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Optimizely CMP roadmap for Q1

AI-Generated Images

Save time searching for the ideal image to accompany your written content. Using AI, you’ll be able to easily generate images based on a text prompt. 

Embedded CMS 12 Editor

In addition to the already-live connection to the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), a version of the CMS 12 Editor will be embedded directly into the CMP to support content blocks and translations.  

This will make the content lifecycle more seamless than ever, bridging the gap between content planning and creation (CMP) and publishing (CMS). 

Rearrange content, copy Work Requests, and more!

We’re rolling out a number of UX improvements to make your CMP experience more intuitive and user-friendly. 

  • Rearrange content in the Content tab: Drag and drop the order of content in the Content tab so the most important content is shown first. 

  • Mark notifications as unread: Remind yourself to return to a notification by marking it as “unread” in the dropdown. 

  • Copy Work Requests: Reuse work requests (and make changes if needed). 

  • View Marketing Work Request “Completed Date” column: See when requests were actually completed. 

  • Add priority to work requests: In Routing Rules, choose a priority level to be automatically applied based on work request inputs. This can be used with or instead of routing to an assignee. 

  • Upload InVision URL to Content tab: View the URL’s content and collaborate in the CMP’s comment section.

  • Change title of URL-based content: Easily differentiate between URLs from the same site. 

  • Save sorting views: In the Plan view, save a sorted view to easily find in the future. 

  • Library options menu (…) updates: Share, move, edit, delete, and more – all from one menu. 

  • React to comments with em😊jis: 👍👎💗 

Campaign milestones

Group related tasks together and map them to phases, or milestones within a project. 

Improve visibility of a project’s progression and foster greater team collaboration.

  • Auto-shift dependent tasks and their milestones when a campaign shifts
  • Show a summary of “% complete” on hover
  • Display campaign milestones through timeline and list views

Asset renditions

Automatically generate different sizes and filetypes of image assets for use across multiple channels.​

Save time with automation instead of manually editing images to create different versions.​

  • Set focal points on individual assets to highlight the most important parts of an image
  • Use images directly from the Library, through tasks, or through integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Subscribe to all types of Optimizely Content Marketing notifications and interact with them (e.g. reply, view attachments, etc.) from directly within Microsoft Teams.

  • Subscribe to notifications from any/all instances
  • Preview attachments within notifications
  • Access key areas of the CMP via direct links

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