Plan easily. Create collaboratively. Publish seamlessly. 

Introducing: the Q3 roadmap for Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP). We’re hard at work bringing enhancements to the CMP that will help teams to better plan and create exceptional content and campaigns.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come!

create with consistent branding

Brand Templates

Brand Templates empowers even the least design-savvy marketers to customize assets in minutes, while ensuring everything is on brand.
When creating templates, designers can lock specific elements so only certain components can be edited by other users. This helps to ensure consistent branding and compliance, and gives time back to designers to develop new materials rather than reworking existing assets.


Omnichannel Authoring & Publishing

Create content once and use it for landing pages, emails, newsletters, and social posts, and preview and publish across various channels – without leaving the CMP.

The new Editor experience will feature inline commenting and content recommendations, channel-specific previews, proofing and progressive editing.

ideate with ai

AI Writing Assistant

As part of the Omnichannel Editor experience, AI Writing Assistant will feature a ChatGPT-style assistant helping content creators to ideate and write better content, faster.

put work on pause

On Hold Tasks, Campaigns and Work Requests

Instead of bumping out the due date or archiving work when priorities change, users will be able to change Task, Campaign and Work Requests statuses to On Hold, then pick the work back up when time allows.

graphical user interface, application



Admins will be able to export CMP data to easily share with external stakeholders, including:

  • Library assets
  • Work Requests
  • Campaigns
  • Tasks
  • Templates
  • Fields
  • Events
  • Users
  • History table


Asset Fields

Users will have greater control when organizing DAM assets, with the ability to customize and create their own Asset Fields.

Improved DAM integrations with custom Asset Fields will allow marketing teams, third parties, partners, agencies and other users of the DAM to better organize huge volumes of assets with complex criteria — especially via integrations/API.

Enjoy a better user experience

UX Delights

Progressive forms: Reuse fields and keep forms to a single page

Auto-complete Work Requests: Once the Task is complete, the Work Request will automatically be marked as completed

Mark fields as mandatory: Configured in Field Settings, make sure required fields are always filled in

Write helper text on fields: Configured in Field Settings, let users know how to fill in the field by providing useful helper text

Limit character count on rich text fields: Configured in Field Settings, ensure that users adhere to a specific character count

Bulk editing in Plan/List view: Edit the data for entire columns at once in the Plan/List view

Workflow step fields: Tag specific steps in a workflow to get better visibility into the workflows that require certain teams (e.g. Add "Legal" as a tag where legal review is needed to gain insight into all of the workflows pertaining to the legal team)

Object-level permissions for saved views: Make saved views visible for specific individuals or teams

easy publishing to optimizely cms

CMS + CMP Publishing Integration

In addition to the already-live connection to the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), a version of the CMS 12 Editor will be embedded directly into the CMP to support content blocks and translations.  

This will make the content lifecycle more seamless than ever, bridging the gap between content planning and creation (CMP) and publishing (CMS).

*Reach out to your account rep for more information.

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