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The Optimizely Connector lets you manage translations directly in Optimizely. Send your content for translation in just a few clicks.

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The LanguageWire Optimizely Connector is a translation solution that’s integrated into your Optimizely platform. Send your website - either partially or entirely - for translation directly from Optimizely, in just a few clicks. The automated process eliminates copy-paste errors and frees up time, so you can focus on strategic goals.


The LanguageWire Optimizely Connector automates your localisation process and frees up time, so you can focus on strategic goals. Increase productivity and publish more multilingual content.

  • No more annoying copy-paste errors

  • Access a network of over 8,000 professional language experts

  • Validate web translations with HTML preview

  • Publish multiple translated pages with Optimizely Projects


  • Customer story: Optimizely

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