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I believe it, Google believes it, and I bet you believe it, too. The problem is, truly continuous A/B testing at the level that helps you out-perform your competitors is really hard to do: it not only takes tools, but also expertise, resources, time and attention—precious resources to any marketer.

This is the problem my co-founder EJ and I set out to solve: how to help companies test more frequently and effectively with limited internal bandwidth. We knew from our experience that even the most sophisticated companies with advanced testing cultures were never quite testing enough.  A/B testing tools are ubiquitous and easy to install, but designers are scarce and fresh ideas even more so. That’s why we built Experiment Engine, our all-in-one solution for conversion optimization. By pairing our A/B testing technology with a marketplace of specialized conversion rate experts, we provide businesses a way to maximize their conversion rates even without a dedicated optimization team. Even better, we’ve started connecting a network of the best conversion rate experts in the world–the geniuses that have run tests for places like Adobe and Amazon–and are creating a brand-new way for them to work when they want, where they want, and prove their skills against their peers.

We spent the last 9 months building our platform, working with our awesome customers, and proving that increasing test frequency and using external expertise for A/B testing drives meaningful results. We’re so excited to see that not only are we helping companies get our 3X as many tests per month, but every single one of our customers have had meaningful conversion rate improvements by testing with the Experiment Engine platform and continue to get those improvements month over month.

That is why I’m so pleased to announce that Experiment Engine has completed our seed financing, which we’ll use to grow our team, advance our platform, and help companies test better. We’re honored to have the support of Founder Collective, Mercury Fund, and the Austin community (hey y’all) in this round, adding to early support from Techstars. We’ve got great investors who really understand our vision, and we’re so excited to have them as part of the Experiment Engine journey.

If you’re excited as we are to make “Always Be Testing” a reality (or just really, really want one of our awesome ‘Come and Test It’ t-shirts)–reach out. We’d love to have you join our team, become one of our conversion experts, or just nerd out over multi-arm bandit tests.

Finally, keep an eye out at this blog for more insights, updates, and testing tips!