optichat-recap-digital-agency-dayDigital agencies that offer optimization services to their clients have a competitive advantage. They build stronger, deeper strategic partnerships with their clients and deliver them long-term business value.

As part of Digital Agency Day hosted by HubSpot and Unbounce, Optimizely hosted an #optichat Twitter chat to discuss how digital agencies can grow both their own and their clients’ business by offering optimization. We were thrilled to have some of the top optimization agencies in the world join the conversation and share their thoughts.

Whether you are a freelance consultant or part of an agency; whether you specialize in designing creative, building websites, or managing ad spend, investing in an optimization skill set and backing up decisions with data, rather than intuition or assumption, will give you a competitive advantage. Download our 29-page eBook on Growing Your Agency With Optimization to learn how.

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Here’s a recap of the conversation:

1. Why do you (or don’t you) offer optimization to your clients today?

  • Because more traffic isn’t always the answer! # turns visitors into customers. @gaylaworrell
  • We do b/c even if you drive a ton of visitors, you’re leaving $ on the table w/out continuous optimization! – @RiseInteractive

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2. How has offering testing impacted your agency & types of engagements you work on? 

  • We get to influence brand strategy, product merchandising, go-to-market strategies and even in-store experiences! –@roboboogiePDX
  • We believe “Brand Value Is Born In Results” & all good decisions are backed by data –@BVAccel

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3. How has testing impacted your clients from a business & cultural perspective? 

  • Testing helps companies see the value in data. It is a gateway to good decisions! –@MikeStLaurentWF
  • Our clients show more eagerness to learn how data can impact their business and are more flexible with their site design –@SGPlumb

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4. Who is the typical buyer for an optimization engagement? How do you position it? 

  • Clients want to mitigate risks: how can I make a change on web or mobile and decrease my level of risk in the process. –@n2collaboration
  • Is there actually a “typical buyer?” Everyone can benefit from optimization. LITERALLY EVERYONE. –@char6529
  • Anyone looking to increase AOV, revenue, lead volume, etc and has the traffic volume to support getting stat-sig promptly –@FormosaChris

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5. What characteristics qualify a client to be ready for testing and optimization? 

6. How do you organize your team to service each client? 

  • Interdisciplinary pods for each client! Knowledge mgmt is important. –
  • Your entire team should be knowledgeable of each client, but it’s good practice to have a project/client manager for each one! –@char6529

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7. What do you think the market for optimization will look like over the next 5 years? 

  • Creating personalized experiences for each visitor – seattle wants rain-gear, LA wants running-gear. –@FormosaChris
  • Optimize EVERYTHING. website, store, fridge, watch, shoes, life, car, hair – @MikeStLaurentWF

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8. What advice would you give an agency that doesn’t offer optimization today? 

  • Don’t just dive into it w/o the proper training and team. Start by working with a CRO-focused agency. – @thegood
  • Testing is a MUST for an agency that believes in ROI. Before delving in, partner w/an agency that offers CRO – @RiseInteractive
  • Sorry. You are too late. The market is flooded. You should consider underwater basket weaving. – @RoboboogiePDX

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9. What advice would you give an agency trying to grow their optimization business? 

  • Partnership. is here to stay. For beginners, it’s all about leveraging the specialist agencies that already exist – @natwahid
  • Be Transparent & always try to help clients see the wins! – @BVAccel

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Learn more about building up an optimization muscle at your agency by downloading our eBook on Growing Your Agency With Optimization.

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