Our new offering, Content Recommendations, lets you recommend content to your customers and site visitors as an individual and not just for a group of people who are similar.

So what is Content Recommendations?

Episerver Content Recommendations enables marketers and editors to deliver relevant content to people when and where they need it using machine-driven content recommendations. Episerver Content Recommendations shortens conversion cycles by automatically understanding what content is most effective in driving customer interest for your products and services, and recommending it in display units on your website or in emails.

Crucially, this is achieved using powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) decisioning that eliminates the manual effort typically associated with personalization. Your web and content teams no longer have to build automation rules, tag content, create Interest Groups or plan user journeys: the AI does the heavy-lifting of delivering one-to-one relevance.

Understanding the value of content personalization

Personalization is often at the top of people’s minds when it comes to digital experiences, but more often than not the emphasis lies on personalized recommendations for products rather than content.

According to a survey by Janrain, 74% of customers get frustrated with websites when content appears to have nothing to do with their interests, and according to Walker Sands 95% of consumers are dissuaded from completing an online journey due to incomplete or incorrect content.

If the stakes are so high, why are so few marketers personalizing content? In fact, according to Rapt Media, 83% of marketers say that creating personalized content is their biggest challenge. If every visitor came to your website and downloaded an asset, gave a thumbs up to a blog post or shared an article it would be easy to gauge what they’re interested in. But that’s not the case. The implicit behaviors like time spent on site and time spent reading content are harder to track but are key to understanding what visitors are interested in.

Episerver Content Recommendations reduces the manual effort for you, and fast tracks visitors to the content they want to see - it’s a win-win. So, if you’re curious about whether to incorporate Episerver Content Recommendations into your digital strategy, here’s your 5-minute breakdown of how the product can help you.

Shorten the path to conversion by personalizing the content journey

For companies who sell products online, personalization is a no brainer; product recommendations can have a direct correlation to items added to basket. However for those who have no online transactional model, it’s harder to understand the value of personalized experiences.

With content, you have to understand the complete user journey. There isn’t one simple metric or interaction that defines this. Episerver Content Recommendations tracks each customer’s unique content consumption path on your website and uses this learning to quickly build ‘Interest Profiles’ that power specific content recommendations to users at the right time.

  • Goal setting - Customers have clearly established goals for their interactions. Do you want a user to sign up for an email? Read a specific article? Episerver Content Recommendations allows you to assign specific goals to escalate the content that is most likely to drive users to a pre-defined goal. It also provides reporting to show the effectiveness of the content suggested to reaching these specific goals.
  • Real-time content audit - Episerver Content Recommendations provides a real-time content audit that tracks every new piece of content added to your site; identifying the content topics mentioned, overall and specific content performance, and gaps in content coverage that you should fill to improve goal conversions.
  • 1:1 relevance at scale - Powerful machine-learning understands the unique interests and intent of every customer on your website. This insight scales whether you have hundreds or millions of customer interactions a day, to provide one-to-one content recommendations across all your channels.

Fast track the journey to customer-centricity for you and your customers

Episerver Content Recommendations represents the best marriage between creator and machine to dynamically build relevant experiences for your audiences. Take the guessing game out of your content marketing by letting AI build custom journeys for your users to drive them to your effective marketing and conversion goals.

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Learn more about Content Recommendations and what it can do for you as an Episerver customer, watch our webinar ‘Are you maximizing the value of your content?’ with Episerver experts, Deane Barker and Jeff Cheal.

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