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We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lotame to launch a new audience integration for Optimizely Web. This integration enables Optimizely customers to scale their personalization programs by targeting Lotame DMP audiences with Optimizely Web campaigns.

Personalization and DMPs

An effective personalization strategy starts with identifying valuable audiences and then targeting them with content and messaging proven to increase conversion for those groups. While this might seem like a fairly straightforward approach (and one which has been deployed to great effect in the digital advertising world), many companies still struggle to apply these principles on their owned digital properties. Some problems they face include:

1 — Difficulty collecting and aggregating the attributes of their visitors

2 — Difficulty identifying valuable and actionable audiences to target 

3 — Difficulty making audience data available for on-site targeting

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) like Lotame solve these problems systematically by collecting, analyzing and distributing visitor data. They are ideal for organizations looking to go beyond basic device and location targeting, and are the backbone of a comprehensive multi-channel targeting program delivering experiences across ads, email, and owned properties.

Integrating Optimizely with Lotame

Many Optimizely customers have leveraged audiences defined in Lotame to optimize on-site experiences. However, synchronizing audiences between the two platforms required manual coding and expensive ongoing maintenance. This friction made scaling personalization difficult and error-prone.

The official integration we’re announcing today is fully configured via the Optimizely Integrations dashboard and gives users access to a dynamically updating list of Lotame audiences directly in the Optimizely Audience Builder:

This new integration will result in a dramatic decrease in the effort required to integrate Optimizely with Lotame, and removes a significant blocker to personalizing at scale.

We’re excited to see Optimizely customers supercharge their personalization efforts with Lotame’s audiences.