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Introducing User Roles

As our customer base grows, so does the number of people using Optimizely within a company. Optimization teams are sprouting up all over the place and expanding quickly. We’ve seen great examples of companies starting testing workshops, where everyone who would use Optimizely gathers in a room to do nothing but test and explore all day. Growing optimization teams means more people have access to the testing platform. With greater collaboration comes the need for specific responsibilities. Some say, “too many cooks in the kitchen ruins the soup,” we say, “bring all the cooks, give them different roles.” In response to customer feedback and growing testing teams, we are rolling out user roles.

This new feature gives our Platinum customers the ability to assign different roles to each person on the team using Optimizely. Silver and Gold plan customers can assign Administrators and Project Owners.

Experiment settings

To begin adding a new user, select Manage Collaborators from the Projects Settings tab from the dashboard.

The Administrator role is on the account level. All other roles are specific to a Project.

Administrators have full access to all projects, experiments, functionality, and billing information.

Manage collaborators

Enter the email address of the new collaborator and specify the role that user will have in the drop down field.

Project Owners can create, edit, start, and stop experiments, preview variations, and view results. They are the only collaborators other than Administrator who can create new projects and add new users.

Editors can create and edit experiments, preview variations, and view results.

Viewers have read-only access. They can preview experiments variations and view results.

Sample use case

Collaborators on

Once you specify the new user’s role, you can select the project that user will have access to. If you have one project on your account, the new user will automatically be added to that project.

Oscar Optimizer is the Director of Marketing at He oversees the A/B testing and multivariate testing on the website. He has a data analyst on his team who is responsible for analyzing the results and presenting them to the team. Oscar makes the data analyst a Viewer on the project so she can view the variations and report results.

With user roles, optimization teams can trust that the right people have access to the appropriate level of control. Administrators can add collaborators and assign roles by selecting Manage Collaborators under the Project Settings menu at top right from within a project.