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Today at our first-ever customer conference, we made a number of announcements that will let our 6,000+ customers use data to take action and provide their audiences with better experiences.

Four years ago, we started our journey by making it easy for anyone to do website A/B testing.

Our goal is—and always has been—to listen, delight and empower the people that use Optimizely with products and resources to make them as successful as possible.

Now it’s time to expand what we’ve done for the web into mobile.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Optimizely for iOS is now available in beta. Optimizely for iOS is a fast, flexible, and scalable optimization platform for native iOS apps that allows you to push once and iterate daily, without waiting for App Store review.

Watch it in action…

Visit optimizely.com/mobile to learn more and sign up to be considered for beta.

We know that it takes more than a great product to be successful—it takes a network of people and partners to give feedback, ask questions, learn from others, and offer answers. That is why we’ve built a place for experimenters to unite, explore and optimize together. We’re calling it Optiverse.


We welcome all of you to join Optiverse today to sharpen your optimization skills and meet experimenters just like you.

A desire for connectivity and ecosystem around optimization led us to build Optiverse. It also inspired our new Optimizely Developer Platform, a set of APIs and developer tools that will allow customers and developers to extend, connect, and build on Optimizely in exciting new ways.


Every company has a unique set of business goals, and they use a mix of tools and processes to help achieve those goals. With a new suite of powerful APIs, customers and partners can integrate Optimizely seamlessly into their workflow, no matter how unique their needs are.

In the same way that the Developer Platform allows our customers to customize how they use Optimizely, our new product feature called Audiences will allow our customers to deliver targeted and relevant experiences to their visitors. An Audience is a set of visitor targeting conditions that can be saved and reused to power advanced personalization campaigns.


Audiences is currently available to all customers as part of an opt-in beta. To opt-in, “heart” this Optiverse post to request access to the beta. You’ll be notified via email when your account is added to the beta program.

Personalized campaigns can become more specific to customer data now due to a new integration partnership with BlueKai. Customers can create and build highly specific audiences in Optimizely using BlueKai data for powerful targeting and reporting.

Data is only useful if you can make sense of it and take action on it. Our new, revamped results page provides an at-a-glance visual of your key goals, variations and their performance. With the new page, we’ve also made it possible to launch winning variations in a single click, directly from the results experience.


The new results page is currently available to all customers as part of an opt-in beta. To access the beta, visit the results page for one of your existing experiments and click the link at the top of the page.

We can’t wait for you to get started exploring and mastering all of these new products and resources. Speaking of mastery… we’ve heard from our customers that they wanted a way to show the world that they know Optimizely inside and out.

So, today we’re also launching the first of three official Certifications. Right now, you can sign up to take a Optimizely Platform Certification exam to demonstrate your knowledge of the Optimizely platform. Later this year we’ll offer two additional types of certification: one focused on strategy and one geared toward developers.


Visit the Optimizely Certification page to learn more and register for the Platform Certification.

The certification program is also part of expanding our Solutions Partner program to make it really easy for our customers to find the right partner to make their team and business wildly successful.