“So, what keeps you awake at night?” – This is a question that many of you have probably been asked before. Some of you might even think that being asked this question once, is one time too many.

So, instead of asking this question, the Optimizely team thought about a different question when planning Opticon Europe: “What keeps you awake during the day?”

Opticon Europe is our experimentation and optimization conference taking place in London on 16 October 2018. To keep you awake and engaged throughout the day we developed the agenda to provide useful and inspiring content for all 12 of our sessions.

The value of any user conference lies in the opportunity to learn from others, from their experience, their successes and even their failures. With customer expectations at an all-time high, Opticon will give you insight into how other enterprises–both traditional and digital-native–leverage experimentation to optimize their digital experiences.

The Opticon keynote will be featuring Sky, Tommy Hilfiger and MoneySuperMarket, who have built and evolved their experimentation program continuously over the last few years. As with many things in life, we find that the most successful programs are driven by passionate individuals and teams. During the keynote, our VP of Product, Claire Vo, will have the pleasure to interview those who were responsible for driving this process for those brands.

At Optimizely we consider them architects – Architects of the Digital Future. This is also the theme of Opticon Europe this year.

If you are an architect yourself or are planning to help build an experimentation program in the future, Opticon Europe is for you. We want to give you the chance to hear about the latest technology, learn best practices, and network with other architects to exchange ideas and visions.

Digital-native organizations like Secret Escapes, Hello Fresh and eBay Classifieds will share how they are using experimentation to validate ideas–from ideas for marketing campaigns over ideas for new business products that disrupt entire industries.

On the other hand you can hear from traditional enterprises like Sky, Unicef and Springer Nature, dating back as far as 1842, how experimentation helps them navigate through their digital transformation.

Regardless of whether you have already established an experimentation program and culture or are new to this method and mindset, Opticon will inspire you to start and continue your experimentation journey.

Stay fresh, stay awake. Experiment.