It is clear that page performance directly influences business outcomes. As Google reports, studies repeatedly confirm the negative business impact of slow sites and, inversely, the benefits of speed improvements. Because performance is so critical to your business, we’ve been doubling down our performance efforts at Optimizely to ensure that you achieve a high-velocity experimentation while maximizing your site performance.

In past years, we’ve partnered with major CDN providers and set up CDN load balancing to ensure that we are delivering content as efficiently as possible. We’ve even run experiments purposefully slowing our site to quantify the impact of longer page load times.

With performance always at top of mind for customers, we’ve accelerated our efforts this year and invested heavily in features and education to provide you with more control over your Optimizely Web performance. We’ve also continued to update Optimizely Full Stack for those looking to take advantage of the performance and flexibility of server-side experimentation.

We’ve launched custom snippets, which provide the ability to break out your snippet into manageable pieces to reduce page load time. Additionally, we’ve added batching and customizable timing to our event tracking to reduce the amount of network calls you need to make. We’ve created a help article on best practices for improving site performance. In the past few weeks, we’ve also shared performance best practices and investigated how your business might be impacted by Google speed updates.

As part of our continued focus on performance, we’re launching a new whitepaper today: “Optimizing the Performance of Client-Side Experimentation.” We cover how client-side and server-side experimentation impact your site performance and trade offs and benefits of each approach; the right way to conduct a performance evaluation, including recommended metrics that have the greatest effect on your customer experience; and how Optimizely works in the context of site performance, providing best practices for improving your Optimizely performance. Download the whitepaper to ensure you understand how to optimize Optimizely Web performance.