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introducing dynamic customer profiles optimizelyData is power. Big data holds promises of better decision-making, increased efficiencies, and experiences adapted to our individual preferences. However, historically, these promises have fallen short of reality. While investments in technology such as data warehouses, Customer Relationship Management software, analytics platforms, and Marketing Automation software have allowed businesses to capture and store rich customer data, it hasn’t been easy to connect this data to the customer experience. The ability for businesses to leverage their most relevant customer data to deliver optimized and delightful experiences is a massive missed opportunity and a crucial step in realizing the full value of personalization.

As many of our customers tell us, ‘We have all this data – we just haven’t been able to use it for anything'”. Businesses that can effectively pull this data together, in a place that’s accessible for optimizing experiences, have the potential to unlock untapped revenue and deliver truly delightful experiences.

Introducing Dynamic Customer Profiles

Today we’re introducing Dynamic Customer Profiles, an actionable, single view of the customer for optimizing experiences with Optimizely Personalization.

Dynamic Customer Profiles are built from behavioral data collected by Optimizely coupled with the data collected by companies across their customer touch pointsboth online and offline.

dynamic customer profiles optimizely

Dynamic Customer Profiles are built from behavioral data collected by Optimizely and data collected by companies across their customer touch points.

This capability empowers businesses to leverage existing data and investments in business intelligence to create experiences that will keep their customers coming back for more.

Take the experience provided by a retailer when a shopper is buying headphones online. When visitors land on their site, the retailer can immediately capture data about them in real time, such as the brands they are currently viewing and from what city they are browsing. Add this behavioral data to the information they already know about the shopper  such as the visitor’s average order value and loyalty card status—and the retailer has an enriched understanding of the visitor. With this information in hand, the retailer can deliver an experience that helps the visitor buy a pair of headphones they want by surfacing tailored product messaging on site and an offer a coupon based on their loyalty card status and purchase history.

We built Dynamic Customer Profiles to help our customers take advantage of all their data for powerful personalization. Get in touch with our sales team to request a demo of Optimizely Personalization.

*It is important to remember that your terms of service with Optimizely prohibit you from collecting or sending any personally identifiable information (such as names, social security numbers, email addresses, or any similar data) to Optimizely’s services or systems through Dynamic Customer Profiles or any other feature.