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The commerce optimization boot camp

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Now, more than ever before, it’s critical to make purchasing online the best possible experience for your customers, smooth and convenient. Leveraging A/B testing to improve checkout flows is the oldest trick in the book. If you’re not laser-focused on optimizing customer acquisition, engagement, and the purchase funnel, you’re probably losing out on revenue.

In this free training boot camp, you’ll get access to on-demand content such as:

  • Best practices from Optimizely’s most senior strategists: Walk away with strategies to reduce CAC, increase average orders, and reduce cart abandonment
  • A/B testing ideas from leading retailers: 14 companies share their testing strategies and best practices in this case study collection
  • Experimentation Excellence In Action - HelloFresh: Learn how the world’s leading meal kit provider delivers stellar customer satisfaction
  • eCommerce in the new normal: Research and insights on how retailers can leverage experimentation during COVID-19