Unifying the Platform: Unveiling Optimizely's Q3 roadmap

Welcome to an exciting new chapter of our journey – the Q3 roadmap for Optimizely Data Platform is here, and this quarter's theme is unification. See how we've made strides in streamlining workflows while offering more flexibility across applications.

Discover the power of unification as we break down data silos, and provide a cohesive environment for your data-driven marketing strategy and enterprise-wide collaboration. From end-to-end, concept to content, Optimizely's platform provides the foundation for creativity and science, empowering you to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of digital experiences.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine how you approach data, setting a new standard and set of expectations for the marketing "operating system" and tech stack of choice for over 9,000 companies across the globe.

Opti ID and new navigation

Consolidated authentication process, cross-product authorization and navigation, and centralized administration of user, roles, and permissions.

  • Authentication - Streamlined and secure login with SSO, MFA, and local login
  • Authorization - Seamless navigation across apps with a "product switching" experience without the need to re-authenticate

Simplify your journey with Opti ID's SSO. Access all your favorite products behind one login designed for convenience and peace of mind.​ To ensure all-inclusive usability, local login will be provided for non-SSO users.​ For customers requiring enhanced security​ we're also supporting multi-factor authentication (MFA).


User, roles, and permissions

Allows account admins to manage users efficiently, assign roles and even control permissions to suit organizational needs. ​

Roles and Permissions Roles and permissions are managed centrally in the Admin Center.

Optimizely platform controls Manage instances, login settings, and more.

Rolling out over 2023. Reach out to your Customer Success manager for access. 


Introducing full DXP reporting, Optimizely Reporting enters private beta

Performance and operational reporting across all apps and products within the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform.

Easy navigation, personalized dashboard visibility, and simplified access management with Turnstile. 

Dynamic navigation that adjusts based on your products, ensuring consistency and ease in finding insights 

Leverage Data Platform for more actionable insights from multiple data sources, facilitating confident, data-driven decisions. 

Now in Private Beta. Request access here.


Target Behaviors and Events with Real-Time Segmentation

Real-Time Segmentation is here, and it's available for experiments and personalization across the Optimizely platform. 

In addition to targeting based on attributes, you can target real-time behaviors and events with Real-Time Segmentation in Data Platform and segment builder user interface. 

Reach your target audience with unprecedented precision and speed and respond to changing customer behaviors and needs on the fly with everything you need to know about them. Get ahead in your campaigns by targeting users based on real-time actions and specific milestones in the customer journey, setting up powerful automation and conversations.

Real-time segments now have the combined context of attributes, behaviors, and events—and you can share them with any segment sync Connect App!


Build and list your integration within the global marketplace

Reach thousands of Optimizely customers by building and listing an integration in the Optimizely App Directory, now open for public listing!

Optimizely Connect Platform powers the App Directory, an open, developer-friendly solution simplifying building and deploying low-code/no-code integrations called Apps, streamlining customer data management, and enhancing marketing efforts across the Optimizely ecosystem.

A fully self-service model that allows for simple, fast, and efficient completion of application development tasks. Quickly develop and list your app on the Optimizely marketplace and get your app in front of the 10,000 global brands that use Optimizely's products. Once listed, your solution will be searchable for all of Optimizely's users and customers.

If your developers are itching to get their hands on our APIs, we're excited to help.  We believe that development time for Optimizely apps can be cut from months to just three days. Signups are open now, and developers can access the tools needed to create their applications.

Curious about Connect Platform? Learn more

Got what it takes to build an integration? Sign up

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