Presenting Optimizely's
Q1 '23 Product Roadmap

A sneak peek at the 'why' & 'how' behind all the exciting new features coming to the Optimizely product suite.


Editor's Note: For more information about your favorite digital experience solutions, be sure to check out Spring '23 Roadmap webinar series, hosted by Optimizely's very own product experts. 

2023 is off to a fast start, and so is your team here at Optimizely! 

And we could not be more excited about what this year has in store.  

Last quarter, we unveiled a new look for our portfolio, with the introduction of Orchestrate, Experiment, and Monetize — Optimizely's three key solutions for content, experimentation, and commerce, respectively — at Opticon '22. And with that reveal also came the new names of the core products and enhancements that comprise Optimizely's Digital Experience Platform, intended to give everything that Optimizely has to offer a uniform look-and-feel. 

All of that, together, formed the foundation for the way we think about, refer to, and visualize the Optimizely portfolio: a suite of comprehensive, fully-complimentary offerings. 


Optimizely portfolio overview

But, we're not stopping there.

A key theme for our team this year is to ensure our solutions are primed to deliver maximum value, and ready to help digital masterminds like yourself lower total cost of ownership, lower customer acquisition cost, and drive more revenue.  

With that in mind, here are a few big areas of focus and innovation for the first half of the year: 

  • Delivering a seamless user experience. Later this spring, we'll be rolling out single-sign-on for all core anchor products across the Optimizely portfolio. In addition to centralizing where (and how) you log in to your favorite Optimizely products, you'll also be able to switch from one product to another via an easy-to-use navigation bar, as well as manage user roles and permissions from a global Admin Center. This is the first step towards turning Optimizely's best-in-class tools into a true suite of solutions! Note: a private Beta program is set to begin in March. For any existing customers interested in gaining early access, please reach out to your account manager. 
  • Providing deeper cross-product integrations. With a best-of-breed suite of products in place, we're turning our attention towards bringing them even closer together to form true solutions. For example, an even deeper integration between Optimizely Data Platform + Web Experimentation and/or Feature Experimentation will soon unlock new experimentation capabilities, such as:
    • Advanced segmentation... target specific audiences (i.e. down to the actual person) using real customer profiles housed in your Data Platform, and run experiments on a variety of visitor cohorts based on your use case. 
    • Cross-channel experiments... connect your Data Platform to both Optimizely Web and Feature Experimentaion and use the same audience segments across both products, enabling cohesive, multi-channel experimentation.

Note: If you're interested in learning more about the additional use cases these new capabilities can unlock (e.g. targeted A/B tests, targeted rollouts, feature personalization, and more), please reach out to your account manager.

  • Ensuring Optimizely plays well with allGetting the most out of your tech investments means ensuring Optimizely plays well with other 3rd party products. That's why we're excited to introduce Optimizely Connect Platform: a modern framework designed to help you shorten the development cycle for a new integration from months to days, with easy-to-use developer tools, simple APIs and self-service documentation. Once complete, your listing becomes available in the Optimizely App Marketplace — a single directory to discover and manage low-code/no-code integrations. And with easy "one-click install" and out-of-the-box compatibility to Optimizely Data Platform, apps built on Connect Platform provide all the data-driven benefits of Optimizely to thousands of customers. Note: Connect Platform is in Beta now; look out for the formal announcement soon! 

Together, these strategic focus areas come together within Optimizely's best-in-class Digital Experience Platform, as we strive to help our customers collaborate seamlessly, make decisions rooted in data, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

For additional details, check out the product-specific roadmap pages below: 


Anthony Aiosa is Sr. Director of Customer & Product Marketing at Optimizely



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