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Unveiling the Q1 2023 roadmap for Feature Experimentation. Read more about the exciting updates coming to the best in-class experimentation and feature flagging all-in-one platform.

Deploy faster, with confidence

Optimizely Feature Experimentation adds huge value for product managers, data analysts, developers and marketers all working together on building, testing and iterating to create and continuously improve experience and conversion rates.  

As we begin 2023, our roadmap focusses on making it as simple as possible to migrate from legacy Full Stack to our latest iteration - Feature Experimentation, and improve experiment cadence through a number of powerful features which allow more experiments and more targeting opportunities across platforms - faster. 

Q1 2023 product updates coming to Feature Experimentation at Optimizely

Advanced targeting (ODP integration)

With customers demanding ever more precise abilities to target specific audiences, the integration of Feature Experimentation with the Optimizely Data Platform with out of the box definition of multiple audiences delivers on this promise. Also enable the integrations with other CDPs.

  • Behavioral and uploaded list targeting
  • More powerful experiments targeted toward individual groups of users
  • Enables new use cases for feature flagging such as targeting beta customers

One click migration path

Moving to Feature Experimentation from legacy Full Stack, you will get better application performance, more flexibility in experimentation and progressive delivery.

Automatically migrate existing Flags built with legacy technology to the new Feature Experimentation platform.

  • In-app migration wizard to migrate legacy Full Stack projects to Feature Experimentation
  • Migration retains all flags and experiments allowing a seamless transition

Experiment / feature flag scheduling

Plan ahead of time and achieve faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes.

  • Schedule a Flag or Rule to toggle on/off
  • Schedule traffic allocation percentages
  • Faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes
  • Smoother progressive rollouts
  • Plan experiment execution ahead of time

Flutter SDK support

As organizations become increasingly resource constrained, they must find ways to do more with less. The Flutter SDK is a platform-indepent way to build mobile apps with one code base, thereby avoiding multiple teams and coordination. 

With the first release of our Flutter SDK, Optimizely customers will be able to experiment with iOS and Android Flutter code bases using the same interfaces and methods as natively developed applications.

  • More experiments run by more customers using Flutter​
  • User feature flags and experiments natively in Flutter​
  • Reduced developer resources and faster time to market

Flag and rule scheduling

With the new Flag and Rule scheduling features, you can now do rollouts with confidence that they will happen on time. You can now plan staged progressive deliveries when you want them ahead of time. Furthermore, you can start and stop experiments automatically.

  • Faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes
  • Smoother progressing rollouts
  • Schedule a Rule or Flag to toggle on/off
  • Schedule traffic allocation percentages

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