Crate and Barrel Accelerates Their Personalization Program with Optimizely

A New, More Relevant Way to Personalize

Personalization is a difficult concept to bring to life at scale as it can require large data purchasing and building rigid rules, or taking an automated approach that doesn’t always feel human. In the end, you can be left with more questions than answers. Optimizely’s new approach to personalization, Adaptive Audiences, is powered by natural language processing, and blends machine learning with human expertise to deliver the most relevant experiences to users.

Join Christine Garvey, Senior Manager of Personalization and Optimization at Crate and Barrel, to learn how they have improved their personalization program. Using Adaptive Audiences, Crate and Barrel has been able to increase homepage conversion rates by 20%+ while reducing bounce rates by up to 30%.

Tune into this webinar to learn how:

  • Adaptive Audiences decreases the time it takes to target visitors on your website with relevant content
  • Crate and Barrel scales their website reach and drives substantial business impact through personalization
  • To develop strategies for new personas and segments in your business today
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Webinar Presenters

Christine Garvey

Senior Manager of Personalization and Optimization, Crate & Barrel

Whelan Boyd

Senior Product Manager, Optimizely

Wes McCabe

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Optimizely

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