8 Things To Test With Server-Side Experimentation

Real world examples to help you power growth, drive engagement, and increase customer loyalty.

Find out how to test and improve your onboarding flows, search algorithms, and more.

What do Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and Booking.com have in common? They understand the importance of providing outstanding user experiences across all channels and devices, to attract and retain customers.

Server-side experimentation takes place on your server and lets you run deeper, more complex experiments around core product functionalities. In short, it’s about testing the way a product actually works!

In this ebook you’ll discover:

  • What server-experimentation actually is with real use-case examples
  • How to leverage deep testing and optimization capabilities to create winning customer experiences and drive revenue
  • How to mitigate risks and validate your ideas and features before rolling out to all users The benefits of a “test and learn” approach to building new features and customer journeys

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8 Things To Test With Server-Side Experimentation
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