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Safely roll out new features without code deploys. Reduce risk and ship software faster with free unlimited feature flags for developers.

Full Stack

Experiment or roll out a feature in any web, mobile, or server-side application. Instrument your feature in code, then use the Optimizely dashboard or Full Stack API to configure experiments and rollouts.

  1. # Evaluate a feature flag and variable
  2. enabled = optimizely_client.is_feature_enabled('price_filter', user_id)
  3. min_price = optimizely_client.get_feature_variable_integer('price_filter', 'min_price', user_id)

Configure a feature with just a few lines of code.

Optimizely includes easy-to-use SDKs for most major mobile, server and web platforms


Run client-side experiments and personalization campaigns on websites using a visual editor. Create more advanced tests and campaigns using the JavaScript API and build reusable components using Extensions.


Create, manage, and monitor your experiments programmatically. Integrate experimentation into an existing workflow, like your CMS, or build tools to manage your testing program.

  1. curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 2:oyYDbKNqo3glfh5jq5NykkBuqLGHik15F4zb9BQHdihT5fsINdps" \
  2. "https://api.optimizely.com/v2/experiments?project_id=11389360162"

Data Management

Event API

Track offline and third-party conversions – for example, real-world purchases, calls to phone support, or advertising revenue. Send server-side events from a website or app without using the Optimizely snippet or SDK.

Data Export

Access all of your Optimizely event data securely in an S3 bucket, which can be programmatically accessed via Amazon's APIs with a secure set of credentials provided by Optimizely.

Results API

Query aggregate experiment results and personalization campaigns to integrate Optimizely data into your own dashboards and data visualization tools.

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