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1. Start with simple campaigns and add more as you learn.

Marketing automation should make your work easier and more effective, by automatically improving customer experiences, leads and conversions. The trouble is that many systems are too complicated to use to get these results.

Intelligent Campaigns, Episerver’s solution for marketing automation, solves this by making it easy to start small and quickly add features as you grow. It has all of the basic functionality you need for email marketing and analytics, and its graphical interface makes it easy to add multiple channels and campaign flows.

2. Choose a marketing automation system with easy integration

Integration is one of the biggest challenges when using marketing automation systems. If your system doesn't easily integrate with others, it can end up wasting time, increasing complexity, and giving you an incomplete view of customer behavior.

Intelligent Campaigns solves this by automatically integrating with your Episerver CMS or Commerce solution, as well as many leading CRM and ERP systems. This integration means you can quickly provide relevant content and product information at each step of the customer journey.

3. Personalize messages with easy-to-use tools

Most organizations understand that personalization can significantly increase engagement and revenue. The trouble is that many companies put personalization on the back burner due to a lack of time, resources and know-how.

Intelligent Campaigns solves this by providing easy-to-use personalization tools. The solution's artificial intelligence analyzes each customer’s behavior and journey to send the right message at exactly the right time. With our customers, this has increased brand engagement and visit duration on average by 54%.