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As digital experiences have become essential portals to products (and popular products themselves), customers demand increasingly intricate and personalized online encounters. They also expect these digital experiences to be delivered at speed—and their high velocity expectations are constantly accelerating. 

Marketers' creativity is constrained by the increasing difficulty and disconnect of our disparate tools. We’re bound by piecemeal data, siloed processes, and a lack of actionable analytics. With each new piece of content created or channel expanded onto, it’s as though marketers have been commissioned by consumers to quickly create a custom piece of artwork—and yet we have little to no concrete information concerning customers’ preferences, or how their tastes are likely to change. 

Increasing conversions and average order value have never been more important. At the same time, creating great content has never been more difficult, and leveraging meaningful data has never been more complicated. The need for new marketing architecture (or marchitecture) has become critical. 

That’s why we’ve created a next-generation content management system (CMS), designed to unify assets, behavior and people, activate accessible, real-time data, and harmonize and activate personalized digital experiences. 

When data is democratized and actionable, it unlimits the entire content creation lifecycle, allowing marketers to orchestrate new digital experiences, easily engage in iterative experimentation, and ultimately increase monetization.

Bringing three core elements together into one platform breaks down barriers and enables every team member to embrace boundless digital invention. Inclusive collaboration stimulates confident creation informed by meaningful insights into customer behavior.

Reimagining content creation transforms the way we work

The use of disconnected tools and processes makes slow time-to-market an unfortunate reality for far too many marketers. Inclusive collaboration begins with Welcome, recently named by Gartner Magic Quadrant as a 5-time leader for content marketing platforms. This purpose-built content production tool centralizes campaign planning across teams and markets, and organizes marketing assets into a central hub. The integration of Welcome with our revolutionary CMS transforms the way you publish content. Enjoy repeatable experimentation that empowers easier authoring, better content quality, and faster time-to-publish. 

Democratizing data drives better experiences

Customer behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the ability to anticipate where trendlines are headed allows marketers to deliver on consumer desires before they’ve arrived on your site. Ideation shouldn’t be arbitrary, but driven by data. However, a lack of analytics experts makes it difficult to connect data to action. Our CMS’ customer foresight capabilities combine unified data with inventive digital intelligence that offers impactful suggestions at scale, ranging from content and product recommendations to entire business model evolutions. With real-time segmentation, quickly comprehend and meet the specific needs of groups of consumers that share identifying interests and habits. 

Embracing science informs creativity 

When big, organizational level creative decisions are made based on gut instinct, all of the time and energy that goes into that artistry can easily go awry. Embracing science to inform creativity unlimits your team’s inimitable creative efforts. With in-context analytics that act as a scientific overlay, scientific insights can inform essential steps in the creative process. 

When chaos is turned into collaboration, everyone can become a growth creator for your company. Create with confidence, knowing that you’re evolving alongside customer sentiment, ultimately decreasing customer acquisition costs without increasing advertising spend. 

It’s time to give power back to content creators, transform decisions based on guesswork into data-driven experiences, and optimize both the practitioner and customer experience. The combination of Welcome with Optimizely’s CMS and experimentation is uniquely able to offer boundless digital invention.