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Join our Digital Leaders' Meetup on 24th September to tackle these challenges with likeminded peers.

While our businesses have been adapting to the new conditions and expectations of customers and ways of working for our teams, budgets are under significant pressure given the economic uncertainty. However, brave boards are backing extensive and rapid investment to reinvent digital channels. 

To be successful in this new era, digital customer experiences need to be personalized, adaptive, and individualised in order to show empathy and understanding, delight your customers, and to maintain growth, loyalty and drive advocacy. The currency of digital connectedness is content. And the necessary pre-cursor to delivering relevance is an ability to capture and use customer insight.  

Address the customer-centricity gap 

The challenge and the opportunity are clear. Many businesses recognize their customer centricity gap – this recent study showed 71% of B2B decision-makers felt their digital experience did not meet the expectations of their customers.  

Others are blind or unaware of the gap – similar research noted that 82% of B2C companies reported that they were customer centric, but only 18% of their customers agreed. 

The opportunity is not just to build better relationships with existing customers. The pandemic has thrown all kinds of norm out the window – including pre-existing loyalties, purchase habits and content consumption behaviors. There are millions of new customers up for grabs – if the new needs can be understood and met. 

Digital teams, need to be able to answer key questions like:

  • Who is engaging with my content? 
  • What are they trying to achieve? 
  • How are their needs and preferences changing? 
  • What is most effectively performing for my business? 
  • How do we automate relevant content experiences? 
  • How can we build a capability in our business to take this further? 

Create a true digital learning organization 

The best digital customer experience platforms provide digital teams with insights that replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes.  

Thanks to Intelligence Cloud, and now the upcoming acquisition of Optimizely, the world’s leading experience optimization platform, we can offer digital leaders unrivalled insights into customer behavior to help orchestrate more intelligent digital customer experiences.  

The benefit is that content can be optimized and recommended to drive engagement. This engagement can be effectively converted into key transactions and revenue, and your business can grow smarter. With this digital insight at the heart, decision-making is based on evidence rather than hunch or habit. 

But this can go further to build a true digital learning organization. This is where we are gathering and interpreting data in real time to identify what content is performing best, where to invest further, and through search analysis - what content people are looking for but not finding.   

This is where you can use these insights to improve tactically day to day, but also build a foundation for your digital content marketing strategy going forward - linking content efforts directly with conversions and key transactions that contribute to your business success. 

Join our Digital Leaders’ Meetup and tackle these challenges with likeminded peers 

Our second Digital Leaders' Meetup, scheduled for September 24th, will explore this from the starting point of your stories and experiences in a relaxed peer group setting with folks facing similar challenges around content origination, optimization and analysis.  

We will build upon these experiences with advice and insights from Andrew Davies, Head of Brand and Digital from Episerver, who will be joined by Dom Graveson, Director of Strategy, Justin Masters, CTO, and Dan Geoffrey, Client Partnership Director, from Netcel. 

Thursday 24th September at 11.00am – register to secure your place here. 



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