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For years it has been said, “Data is the new oil,” and while that may be true, you still need a way to capture, view, and make all that data actionable. With 19% of CMOs citing unified data as their biggest challenge and some larger brands investing in over 500 software systems, companies are faced with the challenge of how to make their data useful and actionable throughout the entire business. If data remains siloed, it makes it increasingly difficult to integrate data across different platforms, create a holistic view of the customer journey or engagement, and use their data to inform customer experience and business growth strategies. 

At Optimizely, unifying data is one of the many reasons we are working hard to solve a common customer problem across two technology stacks. On Thursday at Dreamforce I will be speaking to our latest integration, ‘“Connecting Online and Offline Experiences with the Optimizely for Salesforce App”

On our blog, Chief Product Officer Claire Vo recently shared how in working with Salesforce as a customer, we have been able to more clearly see how to further bring experimentation to companies who invest in the customer experience. It’s not just our work with Salesforce driving us, but also many of our customers have been pulling us towards more tightly integrating our offerings. Whether it is a large scale insurance company or an international airline or in the case of payments provider Square, there are many use cases where our customers have wanted to be able to see the value of their experiments paired with Salesforce. 

In the case of Square, we know they have a hard time stitching together data across and Salesforce landing pages and forms. They want to be able to associate experiment data from the Square marketing site to Salesforce forms that don’t have the snippet installed and then populate the experiment data in bucketing data in Salesforce Leads or Contacts. 

The new Optimizely for Salesforce Data and Attribution application will extend the reach of experimentation as a process and business strategy best practice to joint Salesforce and Optimizely customers. Optimizely for Salesforce connects data between Salesforce and Optimizely and removes friction for users through additional reporting capabilities and simpler access to data where they work in the Salesforce platform. It will also streamline workflows to make teams more efficient. For example, it will improve how teams use data to more holistically and accurately track and maximize leads, and help measure the quality of leads they produce online by enabling measurements of down-funnel metrics in Optimizely experiments.

Optimizely is bringing the experimentation data into Salesforce as native data objects, making the data an integrated part of the rest of Salesforce processes and reporting. We’re excited to see what additional ways our customers will come up with using the data to connect to other Salesforce clouds and provide next level customer experiences.

As an added bonus we think Salesforce admins will like this app because it’s easy to implement and set up in 4 steps, without any code. Here’s a sneak peek of what one of the Process builder templates included with our app will look like. In it, we automate sending an event to Optimizely when an Opportunity is created. Once this is activated, users can add track performance of their Opportunity creation in Optimizely results pages.

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A Sneak Peek of one of the Process Builder templates included in the app

This is our first app on the AppExchange. It brings to fruition what our founder Dan Siroker shared at his fireside chat at Opticon earlier this year, “Everything that can be optimized will be.” By expanding our footprint, we will now be able to provide value not just in digital and within apps but also with people and processes. Our goal is to bring experimentation to where our customers are working. We want to provide a complete view of our customer’s data to make it easier to measure the impact of digital strategies on improving customer experience and key business metrics. This integration with Salesforce provides a cutting-edge solution to provide seamless, relevant customer experiences.

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