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Opticon18, the world’s leading conference on digital experience optimization, kicked off in Las Vegas this morning. This year’s opening keynote featured an exploration of what it takes to win in the digital future, highlighting brands leading the way such as Uber, State Farm, and Sky.

During the keynote, Optimizely CEO Jay Larson, COO David Schwarzbach, VP of Product Claire Vo, and Director of Product Jon Noronha, also announced new product capabilities and platform integrations that will help companies experiment across every team and every touchpoint. 

Here’s a recap of some of the biggest announcements from the opening keynote:

Adaptive Audiences

By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, Optimizely is making it easier for you to understand your audiences and connect your customers with the most relevant and effective campaigns. Currently being piloted with select customers, Adaptive Audiences will help you dynamically target your users based on the content of the pages they are browsing, adapting in real-time to the context of your customer in the moment. Learn more here.

New Relic Integration

We are partnering with DXS alliance member, New Relic, to give you new tools to monitor the performance of different variants in your Full Stack experiments in New Relic APM (Application Performance Monitoring). By leveraging Optimizely’s Full Stack SDKs and New Relic’s open APIs, you can now use performance as another measure of your experiment’s success. This capability is available now! Check out the documentation to learn more.

Flexible Segmentation

We are making it easier than ever to analyze and understand your experiment results in Optimizely. With our Flexible Segmentation capabilities, experimenters can drill-down into key granular segments and understand how they performed on key experiment metrics. It is now possible to combine multiple users attributes to pinpoint segments of interest and further filter experiment results. This is available for all customers on all plans now!



Digital Experience Stack

Today we announced The Digital Experience Stack (DXS), an alliance of companies committed to making it easy to build your perfect technology stack through open data integrations. Founding members include Optimizely, AWS, Atlassian, New Relic, Tealium, Full Story and Amplitude.

Data Export

The new, enhanced Data Export is being updated with enterprise-grade capabilities to address the needs of the modern experimentation team. The enhanced Data Export will enable customers to perform deeper and more flexible analysis on the metrics that matter most to their business by enriching their data warehouse with Optimizely experimentation data. This capability will be available in the coming quarters.

Full Stack Essentials

We also introduced Full Stack Essentials, a new package designed for teams just getting started with server-side or app testing. This plan gives you the basics of server-side experimentation and feature flagging, with onboarding resources and enough power to get going. Contact your account team to learn more.

Watch the Opticon 2018 keynote to learn more about all the latest product announcements and integrations. The opening keynote replay will be available to view shortly on the Opticon homepage

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