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As part of the Atlassian Summit, we are excited to announce Optimizely’s Experiment Plan & Report template which lives in the newly launched template gallery from the Confluence team at Atlassian! 

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This template allows teams who are already leveraging Confluence to have an easy to use, consistent process for tracking experiment ideas and results, including:

  • Mapping key experimentation information such as  hypothesis, metrics and targeting all in one place
  • Attaching images of the variations for your team to easily reference and review
  • Ensuring key stakeholders are informed
  • Noting all Jira tickets and Optimizely experiments associated with the idea
  • Documenting the results of experiments to leverage for future experiment ideation
  • Having a centralized, standard process for documenting ideas in your roadmap

By streamlining the process for documenting, tracking and archiving all your experimentation information, your teams can focus on building a high tempo, impactful experimentation program to deliver amazing user experiences.

If you’re looking for how to build an experimentation program holistically, we just launched an Experimentation Program Toolkit that would pair well this template [here]

And if you are interested in getting started with progressive delivery, you can sign-up for a free Optimizely Rollouts account.

What template are you hoping we launch next with Atlassian? Comment below or tweet me @bexcitement.