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We are making strides for Commerce at Optimizely! This quarter involved releases that enhanced our Configured Commerce users’ ability to manage list creation for customers, a feature becoming highly popular for B2B businesses. We’ve also made advancements for seamless purchasing in the launch of One Page Checkout.
Additionally, for Customized Commerce users, we’ve made critical improvements to Drag and Drop functionality – growing productivity through convenience.  

If you’re selling B2B and missed the B2B Commerce Summit 2023, you can view our customer, product, and value strategy sessions here.  

Learn more about all of our Q3 releases below! 

Configured commerce

Auto-generate list: Previous purchase


Make re-purchasing easier for your customers. Now available, Auto-Generate Previously Purchased lists automates list creation so your customers can easily add a list of commonly purchased items to their cart for easier checkout. Additionally, your customers can create new lists using autogenerated lists as a foundation.

Learn more about Optimizely’s growing List Management functionality here. 

Show/hide pricing and inventory 

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Share your screen with customers in the field without revealing private pricing or inventory levels. 

Using Show/Hide Toggles, you can:  

  • Protect your pricing so you can offer a quote with a margin.  
  • Eliminate awkward pricing conversations with price-sensitive customers 
  • Increase site usability and adoption to grow digital sales  

Learn more about using Show/Hide Pricing and Inventory Toggles here. 

Long-term support branch 

We’ve made technical enhancements to how Configured Commerce is released. Starting in October 2023, customers can choose if they want to update their instance to our monthly release or the long-term support branch.

For customers who do not wish to update their Configured Commerce instance every month, the long-term support branch will receive bug fixes for up to four months after release. By doing this, you will not need to update your instance as often and you will still receive bug fixes via hotfixes.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the long-term support branch. 

One page checkout 

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Ease the checkout experience and increase conversion rates. Now available, One Page Checkout allows you to:  

  • Aggregate cart contents, payment details, billing and shipping addresses, and options on a single webpage to increase checkout speeds.  
  • Create a modern e-commerce checkout experience with clear payment and shipping details.  
  • Increases awareness of multiple payment options to drive conversion rates. 
  • Keep users in One Page Checkout with new overlays for Signing in and Address Book selection --> When they are inside OPC, if you click sign-in, it keeps you in OPC to easily sign in.

Reach out to your customer success manager to learn more about launching One Page Checkout.  

Additional Configured Commerce Releases

Customized Commerce

Column view customization 

We’re making it easier for you to manage table views in Customized Commerce. With Column View Customization, here’s what’s changing:  

  • Fully customize your table view in Commerce Admin across the carts, orders, subscriptions, contacts, and organizations list pages.  
  • Add and delete fields in the table view to fit your preference 
  • User-specific custom views based on the role to improve productivity

Drag and drop from CMS and commerce

A highly requested feature for customers with several content and commerce pages, we’re happy to announce Drag and Drop for CMS and Commerce!  

With this new feature, you can:  

  • Drag and Drop CMS content into Commerce pages — making it easier to use both products together  
  • Minimize tedious heads-down work and ensure consistency between your content and commerce page  

Learn more about Drag and Drop for CMS and Commerce here. 

That’s a wrap on Q3 updates!

If you have an idea for a new feature or how we could improve our product, please share your feedback! We’re always happy to hear from customers.