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Are you launching a new promotion or special offer this Valentine’s Day? Do you also want to call your users’ attention to it?

We want to show y’all some extra love today by sharing a set of reusable Experiment templates (called Extensions) that you can copy into your Optimizely account and use immediately to pass the love along to your own customers.

You are always looking for effective ways to draw users’ attention towards certain products or features – and Extensions allow you to easily experiment with these to see which ones perform best for your website. Extensions provide you with a flexible framework to build reusable components like announcements, themed promotions, special offers and more. Your developers simply build out a template in which they can select a range of elements for non-developers to customize such as text, imagery, call-to-action and background color.

Extensions are especially beneficial for teams who have limited technical resources. Your technical team can build and QA these Extensions once and then any user can leverage them for Experiments without needing to know how to code.

Below, I share 3 of my favorite Extensions to show your site some extra love with these Valentine’s Day promotions. The code in the code boxes can be copied directly into your Optimizely account under Implementation > Extensions > Create New using JSON and used immediately (see detailed instructions here).

Happy Valentine’s Day!



A Butter Bar banner is a rectangular notification (shaped like a stick of butter) that appears across the top of a browser window. Retailers often use Butter Bars to highlight special promotions or time-sensitive information. Sephora has a prominent Butter Bar promoting shipping date cut-offs for Valentine’s Day:

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Optimizely uses a similar Butter Bar Extension on our Marketing Site across our blogs to highlight content:

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This Extension creates a fully customizable Butter Bar that allows you to change the color, text and link without touching the code.

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Link to Extension.


Want to keep your customers from leaving your website? One way is to let them know of awesome offers they might miss if they leave now. An Exit Intent Modal detects when the user’s mouse moves outside of the browser window, indicating that they’re about to exit out of the tab or browser window. Retailers often trigger Exit Intent Modals when a customer has not finished an action such as completing an order or filling out a form. Online retailer Bite Beauty is currently running one when customers leave the site with items in their cart.

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Optimizely uses a similar Intent Modal on our Marketing Site when someone scrolls down a certain depth of the page on one of our blog posts:

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Just like the Butter Bar Extension, the Exit Intent Modal enables experimenters to change all copy, colors for the background and text, the font family and the button link without touching the code or using a developer’s time.

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Link to Extension.


Hotspots are similar to the Butter Bar and Exit Intent Modal in the sense that they direct your users’ attention somewhere specific, but they’re more often used by product teams looking to highlight a specific area to show off new features. Slack uses hotspots with user onboarding and when they roll out new features to customers.

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This hotspot Extension can be attached to an element in your website (such as the Home navigation, like below) and dismissed by a click from the customer.

Extension Link.

If you’re interested in other use cases for Extensions, check out our announcement blog post on Extensions, our library of Extensions on Github and see how GAP is using Extensions in this talk from Opticon.

Which Extension is your favorite for showing new features or promotions some extra LOVE on this special day? Any your team uses that we haven’t listed here? Comment below or tweet me @bexcitement.