Asana’s Experimental Website Redesign

How Asana reduced risk in a dramatic departure of brand, design, and messaging

Asana is work tracking software designed to help teams track their work so they can get results. In 2015, Asana launched an ambitious redesign that impacted the company’s brand identity, product functionality, and marketing website.

Users and press received it well, and launch day generated the largest number of signups in the company’s history as well as the largest lift in Net Promoter Score (NPS), an indicator of customer loyalty.

How did they do it? The team used experimentation to mitigate risk. They tested changes incrementally over the course of the 10-month redesign process within the old website framework, so that by the time launch day arrived, they had tested and validated components from over 50% of the new website.


Conversion lift from new headline


Increase in conversions from CTA design changes


Portion of new site design tested prior to redesign launch

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We had tested 50% of the new website components and felt confident that they would perform well. On launch day we could focus on making sure everything went smoothly and not worry as much about how our metrics would be impacted.
Ashley Kemper, Websites Program Lead
Ashley Kemper

Websites Program Lead

Validating homepage UX design choices

Throughout the redesign process, Asana's designers created over 50 iterations of the homepage, whilte the marketing team looked for common elements and themes in the mockups to test in isolation within the current site’s framework. Once they validated that it was a safe or beneficial change, the designers could incorporate the element permanently in their designs.

For example, most of the new designs moved the right-aligned signup module into the center of the page. The team tested a center-aligned signup module within the current Asana website and confirmed a 1.6% conversion lift.

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Iterating to the perfect homepage headline

Asana also reworked their homepage messaging as part of the redesign, starting with copy for the signup module’s headline and subheading.

There were plenty of options, and stakeholders had many opinions around what the new messaging and tagline should be. They tested more than 12 headline-subhead combinations, and selected the ultimate winner, "Move Work Forward" that lifted conversions by 15%.

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asana homepage before and after

Confident release of new brand and redesign

By isolating design elements, copy, and functionality that emerged in the redesign, the Asana team was able to launch their new website with confidence. By using experiments to drive a dialogue between design, marketing, and analytics, the team was able to chip away risky elements over the course of months of work on the redesign, instead of launching in one big bang.

Since the redesign launch, they haven't stopped testing. Asana began a fresh set of experiments within their new brand framework immediately after launching their redesign.

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