Choose the Right Metrics to Win Arguments with Data

Selecting the right metrics is key to proving sustainable business impact through experimentation. When it comes to product optimization, only focussing on simple metrics like conversion rates is a short-sighted product strategy. Choosing the wrong indicators of success leads to misguided decisions that hamper growth, innovation, and velocity. In this session, Luís Trindade, Principal Product Manager from the global fashion platform Farfetch, will discuss best practices for identifying metrics to understand and address the constantly evolving needs of your users. Join the session for best practices using data to invest in features that drive sustainable growth and deliver customer value.

Learn how to:

  • Instrument product experiments with better and faster results
  • Use data to get customer insights and problem solve
  • Define a north star metric and a single goal tree to align priorities for success
  • Drive efficiency by increasing accuracy for measurement and estimation


Luís is currently the Principal Product Manager for the Experimentation area at Farfetch, promoting a Test & Learn Center of Excellence across the company. And before was leading the Data Products area (recommendations, conversational commerce and a big sponsor of the computer vision initiatives). Luís started a few years back as a software engineer but quickly had the necessity to understand how users interacted with products and that lead to being responsible for all the interaction and user experience. Then in a shift to the startup ecosystem accepted the challenge as Technology Lead at a company builder, developing new global distributable products and services in the digital area, helping the portfolio to get the necessary boost on tech, user experience and product expertise.

Luís Trindade

Principal Product ManagerFarfetch


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