Optimizely Keynote: Out-experiment. Outperform.

Join the Optimizely executive team to learn how today’s digital leaders outperform the competition and rapidly adapt to changing customer expectations by replacing digital guesswork with iterative experimentation. During the session, Optimizely will share the latest innovations in experimentation that will enable teams to create breakthrough customer experiences and unlock performance across the organization.

In 2005, Gibson Biddle joined Netflix as VP of Product. In 2010, he became Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he's an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford.

Gibson Biddle

Former VP of ProductNetflix


As co-founder and CTO, Pete Koomen guides the technology vision behind Optimizely’s Experimentation Platform, ensuring businesses have access to the tools they need to test their assumptions and respond quickly to ever-changing market dynamics and customer expectations. Pete co-founded Optimizely with Dan Siroker in 2009 after spending three years as a product manager at Google, working on the Google App Engine and other projects.

Pete Koomen



After spending 30 years in the software industry, Jay joined Optimizely two years ago to continue to accelerate the growth in the business by leveraging our industry-leading experimentation platform. Jay has a track record for scaling operations for world-class companies, such as Success Factors, Oracle, and Mercury Interactive.

Jay Larson

Chief Executive OfficerOptimizely


Jon Noronha is responsible for leading a team of Product Managers to discover new ways for companies to experiment more across websites, apps and every level of the stack. Prior to Optimizely, Jon led Pacific Rim engineering teams at Microsoft to rethink visual search. Working at the intersection of machine learning, distributed systems, and image processing, he learned the power of quantitative analysis and constant A/B testing to make data-driven decisions.

Jon Noronha

Director of Product ManagementOptimizely


Claire Vo is the SVP of Product Management at Optimizely, the world’s leader in digital experience optimization. Previously, she was the CEO and co-founder of Experiment Engine which was acquired by Optimizely in 2017. Claire is an expert in high-velocity experimentation programs, product strategy and user experience, and a passionate advocate for women in technology.

Claire Vo

SVP, Product ManagementOptimizely